Published August 11, 2022 2:52pm EDT

Anne Heche's blood test 'revealed the presence of drugs': police

Anne Heche is currently in a coma and listed in 'extreme critical condition' following the collision

By Tracy Wright | Fox News

Anne Heche's blood test "revealed the presence of drugs," Fox News Digital can confirm.

A Los Angeles Police Department Public Information Officer told Fox News Digital on Thursday: "Based on the blood draw, it revealed the presence of drugs, however additional testing is required to rule out any substances that were administered at the hospital as part of her medical treatment."

Per the LAPD, "additional testing has been sent out "to rule out anything that was administered at the hospital." "Any secondary drugs [takes] up to 30 days for [a] secondary test to come back," authorities tell Fox News Digital.

According to TMZ, Heche was under the influence of cocaine and possibly fentanyl when she crashed her vehicle into a home in Mar Vista on Friday and caused a fire, which destroyed a home and sent the actress to the hospital where she's currently in a coma.

Heche, 53, had her blood tested upon being admitted to the hospital, where law enforcement sources told TMZ they found "cocaine" in her system.

Anne Heche (pictured in 2020) was under the influence of "cocaine" and possible also fentanyl when she crashed her car into a home on Friday in Los Angeles. (Michael Bezjian)

Per the outlet, "fentanyl" was also found in her system, but more testing needs to be done to determine if the opioid was in her system at the time of the crash since it's sometimes used as a pain medication in hospitals.

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency listed fentanyl as a Schedule II controlled substance "that is similar to morphine but about 100 times more potent," and noted two milligrams (less than a grain of salt) of the synthetic opioid can be lethal depending on a person's body size.

In addition, sources reported her "condition is dire" and "has not improved since she was admitted to the hospital."

The Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News Digital on Thursday that initially there were no reported injuries connected with the incident for victims involved. In that situation, all potential charges would have been misdemeanors. However, LAPD "later learned that there was a victim who was injured and that victim who was injured obtained medical attention."

Anne Heche (pictured in 2021) had her blood tested when she was administered in the hospital following car crash. (Kevin Winter)

Police say Lynne Mishele, the woman who lived at the home Heche destroyed, was hit by some debris, and had smoke-related injuries as well. She was not hospitalized, but "she was very traumatized, psychologically traumatized." But Detective Olin Osborne cautioned, "We don't want to prejudice people based on a preliminary report that has not been confirmed."

Heche sustained burn injuries and was "conscious and breathing" when she was removed from the vehicle and placed on a stretcher, before abruptly sitting up as authorities rushed her to an ambulance in video footage from the scene of the incident.

"She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention," Heche's representative said earlier in the week, adding she "has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident."

Anne Heche, seen in a previous episode of her "Better Together" podcast, remains in a coma. (YouTube)

Prior to the blaze, witnesses in the residential community told TMZ that they tried to help the actress out of her car before she hit a garage door, reversed her vehicle out of a parking lot and fled the scene. Minutes later, the "Donnie Brasco" star crashed her car into a house and ignited a fire that engulfed the home.

Lynne Bernstein, a witness of the incident, detailed the crash as "horrific" and said he could "hardly breathe" when trying to assist Heche out of the blue Mini Cooper she was driving.

"The smoke was just getting way too intense, we could hardly breathe," Bernstein said. "The smoke was making it difficult to see."

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